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Photo Friday | Cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C.

Cherry blossoms are in bloom in Washington, D.C.! If you can't visit in person, visit virtually with these photos of the delicate pink flowers.

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Nobody parties like Detroit on Opening Day

As the wise Robert "Kid Rock" Ritchie says, "It ain't no party like a Detroit party, 'cause a Detroit party don't stop." On Opening Day, that sentiment certainly rings true.

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My first Michigan State basketball game

A top-notch team with regular March Madness appearances, the robust Izzone, the lively alumni band and what has to be one of the coolest mascots in college athletics makes Michigan State basketball games thrilling and a must-experience for any fan. Sparty on!

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Naples visitors see how the other half lives

With one of the nation's most concentrated population of millionaires, luxury shopping, champion golf courses galore and first-class dining, Naples may be, as our sailing captain joked, where rich men come to find out "how poor they are."

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Five things I miss from my Naples, Florida vacation

Sunshine, relaxing poolside with a Bloody Mary, and dining on fresh seafood -- man, I miss vacationing in Naples!

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What to expect on an Alaskan cruise

From touching 200-year-old ice at Mendenhall Glacier to dining at a AAA Four-Diamond restaurant with glacier views, my friend and fellow traveler, Amanda, takes us along on a review of her Alaskan cruise and land tour. Also, this post contains hott lumberjacks.

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