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The Bird: Where college memories are made

If you went to college in America, you probably have that bar in your college town, too. It’s the bar where you had your first legal drink on your 21st birthday. It’s where you celebrated your football team’s victories. It’s where you formed lasting friendships. It’s where you drank your share of bird baths, fish bowls or bell ringers. And, it’s where your memories lead you to return years after graduation.

[For my fellow Central Michigan University alumni, yes that second to last sentence was a reference to The Bird, the Blackstone and the Wayside.]

In my college town of Mount Pleasant, Mich., we started the week dancing to oldies at Wayside Central — known simply as “The Wayside” to students. We consumed $2 pints on Tuesdays at O’Kelly’s and $3 pitchers on Wednesdays at The Cabin. Then on Thursday — the unofficial start to any college weekend — The Bird was the word.

This week, I returned to The Bird after nearly three years.

It was still the bar I remembered — patrons playing billiards and darts in the back, drinks served in mason jars, 80s rock anthems streaming from the juke box and my friends sitting around the front table.

Visiting my college friends at The Bird.

One of the only differences I noticed were fewer peanut shells covering the floor, but it was a Monday night and a slow night due to icy road conditions and freezing rain (did not see that in the forecast, iPhone). And, it was not at all smoky. Thank you, Michigan, for making bars and restaurants smoke-free. Said every non-smoker ever.

Come early and order a pizza.

Veggie pizza at The Bird. Yum!

Veggie pizza at The Bird. Yum!

This family-owned bar and grill is the place-to-be on Thursdays for Happy Hour. It’s also one of the best places in this Mid-Michigan town for pizza.

On Monday, I ordered a 10-inch pizza — the smallest size offered, perfect for 2-3 diners. It was only $6, but then I added veggies for an extra dollar each. My veggie pizza of artichoke hearts, green olives, tomato and spinach was absolutely delicious.

The menu also features specialty pizzas and a variety of toppings to create a pie just to your liking.

At The Bird, you won’t break the bank.

Sure, those rounds of Dirty Chevy shots will add up. But, in comparison to other bars, prices are very reasonable — cheap even. It’s hard to beat $2 domestic bottles!

Start at The Bird and turn your night into a downtown bar crawl.

Located downtown, The Bird is conveniently within walking distance of other watering holes, including:

Create your own Mount Pleasant bar crawl using my map and guide of bars and restaurants.

Before you go

Menu: Pizza, peanuts and traditional pub grub

Drinks: Try the Bird Bath cocktail, Dirty Chevy shots and cheap beer served in mason jars

Location: 223 S. Main St., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

Phone: 989-772-2493

The Bird - Mt. Pleasant

Bird Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Wish you were here,


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